About us and our experience



We have a very solid international experience, we already made projects in Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and Peru and we are constantly travelling to keep our mind fresh and to keep our team updated to what is new on filmmaking bunisses.


| The world is a lot smaller this days so picking up a company you really conect with should be a priority to your project.|


Travel around the world gives us a chance to be creative in a new way, so no matter where you are on Earth we would be honoured to film what you have in mind and provide you our creativity and efficiency.

Advanced Technology

We assembled an arsenal of cameras, lenses and support gears allowing us to create powerful digital cinema from concept to finished product.

Steadycam Experience

Our crew has more than 4 years experience working with this equipment.

Super Slow Motion

As part of our filmmaking gear we have the powerful Sony FS700 who allow us to make the super slow motion shoots up to 480 fps.

Check out Santos Epic Slow vídeo >>

No Limits

We made videos under a heavy snow storm up 5000 meters high, epic weddings, politicians campaign, rock shows, music vídeos, tv commercials, there is nothing we cannot do.

Awarded Team and Recognition

We earned National Cinema Contest prizes, we give workshops to amateurs videomakers, our video productions are always being shown on the brazillian mainstream.

Eletronic Timelapse

One of our special gear is the eletronic slider, that allow us to make awesome motioned timelapse.

Check out Santos Majestic vídeo >>

Our crew of creative minds and technical specialists is dedicated to doing whatever it takes to “get the shot” in the most unique way and deliver to our clients a piece of art.

Our International Productions

The Andes Mountain Range Odyssey

The Andes Mountain Range Odyssey

Patagonia Expedition

Patagonia Expedition